Local Art

The Hand Art Studio

Fun. Unique. Creative. 👏

New 3D craft kits in store

We offer you an interactive fun, unique experience to create your own hand sculpture as a reminder of your time in Lanzarote.

Fun. Unique. Creative. 👏
Making memories with friends and loved ones 💘👐
New 3D craft kits in store
Visit the shop or have us at your party or event 🍾🎂

Lanzarote Art Center

Are you curious?

Are you an art lover or an artist?

Are you an art lover or an artist?
Stay and work in a creative environment
Lanzarote Art Center has several studios, a multipurpose room (exhibitions and other events, workstation ...) and outdoor areas (gardens) perfect for working, creating, exhibiting and producing productions.
Multipurpose room: 80 m2 (40p capacity)
Palmeral: 12,000 m2 (50p capacity)
Studios: 30 m2 with bathroom (8p capacity)


Handmade jewerly

✨Handmade jewerly seller with natural and precious stones, crystals...
✨ Rings, earrings, necklaces or whatever that the customer's request.
✨All kinds of measurements, changes and designs that you want to make.

Call +34 661596062

Anza Originals

My mind never stops thinking!

I have a major passion for sculpting in Polymer Clay.

 My mind never stops thinking of new ideas and ways to implement these. Gradually my signature steampunk / goth / cyber / gore angles are taking over the majority of my largest pieces.
Resident Artist providing free delivery of all orders over 25 euros.
Sculptures, pendants, charms, keyrings and more.

Paolo Alfano Art

I am an artist and gardener who lives in Lanzarote

Inspired by the colors

I am an artist and gardener who lives in Lanzarote (Costa Teguise). My works are mainly watercolors and oil on canvas. For the watercolors I was inspired by the colors encountered in Lanzarote where moments of light and shadows are constantly moved by the wind. Landscapes, plants, flowers, houses, sky and sea are the main subjects. My works, some of which are part of private collections, have been exhibited in various personal and collective exhibitions.

Braddock Tec Art Classes

Art knows no boundaries!

Color Your Dreams.

Art knows no boundaries!

Only 6 places available in each group.
- All ages and skill levels.
- Color Your Dreams.
- Every artist was first an amateur.
- Imagine. Draw. Paint. Create!
- The ‘Earth’ Without ‘Art’ Is Just ‘Eh.’
- The only limits are those we put on ourselves.