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Community-based Groups.
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The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association

Association was formed in 2008

Having a say in its future

The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association was formed in 2008 and it exists for everyone, residents, non residents, property owners, business owners or people who just like Lanzarote and want to be part of a united group of people who all have one common goal, having a say in its future and ensuring Lanzarote is a safer and better place for everyone and for its continued economical growth for the future of its next generations.

Qualassist UK

Website designer

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager, Website designer, Food Safety Specialist and Virtual assistant working with clients from my home base in Tias Lanzarote.
Today, technology means distance is quite literally no object. In the memorable times we worked together it was impossible to tell if she was in the next office, county or country. Nance's knowledge of quality management, factory standards and behaviours is second to none and i cannot recommend her highly enough! With Nance.